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William Boyce
SYMPHONY No.4 in F for orchestra
Goodmusic Concert Classics GMCL184

Catalogue Number: GMCL184

Difficulty level: D What's this?

ISMN: 9790222282889

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Symphony No.4 (Lambert)  Pack image
2 Oboes [optional], 2 Horns [optional]
Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola (or Violin 3), Cello, Bass

There is some doubt about when William Boyce’s eight symphonies were written, but evidence suggests sometime between 1750 and 1765 and in any case, it was after the composer had completely lost his hearing.. Although Boyce called them "symphony" they would now probably be described as "concerto grosso". The original scoring is for strings with figured bass and oboes, with the occasional use of flutes, bassoons, horns and trumpets. In this edition, transcribed and edited by Constant Lambert, there is no keyboard continuo. The wind parts are largely as Boyce wrote them but they have been cued in so that it is possible to perform these symphonies with strings alone, except for No.5 which really does need trumpets! Similarly the Bass part can be omitted.
A Violin 3 part in lieu of Viola is included which may be used when violas are few or non-existent.
This edition was originally published in 1928 by Oxford University Press. This new edition has been re-typeset but is otherwise unchanged.
A PACK comprises one full score and string parts 4/4/3/3/4/2 plus one of each other part.
Duration 6½ minutes

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