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We now give customers the option of buying a digital download (PDF) of a number of our titles rather than having the finished printed copy sent to them. Although many customers seem to like to have a properly printed copy often with a smart protective cover, a digital download is instantly available and can be used on a computer or tablet or printed out for use by the customer - and there is no cost for shipping.

To search only for DOWNLOADS....
On the main HOME screen just tick the box for Only show downloads
You can use the Filter by instrument to show the download titles available for a particular instrument or group.
For ORCHESTRAL titles, use the filter for Orchestral Score then click on the individual title for full details which will display all the parts too (printed and downloads)

When purchasing a digital copy the customer will be able to download a PDF file (Portable Document Format*) together with a licence authorising the use of the file for one copy only. You will have 14 days to download the file, after which it will no longer be accessible to you online. Should you need more than one copy (such as for a choir or orchestra members) then you can purchase as many "copies" as you need; you will still only have one file to download but the licence will authorise the number of copies purchased. If you buy multiple copies you are allowed to print only up to that number of copies. Alternatively, you can share the file electronically instead; but the total number of prints and shared electronic copies must not exceed the number purchased. To do so would be a breach of copyright and may result in civil and/or criminal liability. It is equivalent to shoplifting or theft!  For orchestral music you cannot buy a PACK (score and parts) as a download - you need to buy the individual score and the numbers of each part you need.

Download files include covers and any blank pages that appear in the printed copy (including blank inside covers) so that if you choose to print it out as a "booklet", all the pages should be in the right place!

When you find a title that you want on our website if there is an option of a digital download instead of a printed copy it will be clearly shown. As download copies are prepared instantly on the website, you cannot mix printed copies and download copies on the same order.

With over 12,000 individual items available on our website, not everything will be available straight away!

The range of our titles available for download is gradually growing and we will add titles as quickly as we can. If there is something particular that you would like us to add, let us know on our CONTACT FORM  and we'll see if we can move it higher up the queue . . . . . . . .

(* customers will need to have Adobe Reader or other software that enables them to open a PDF file)

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