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Concert Capers Series for junior string orchestra GMCC022

Catalogue Number: GMCC022

Difficulty level: A What's this?

ISMN: 9790222261761

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On the Move  Pack image
Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola (or Violin 3 or Cello), Cello , Bass (or Cello)

ON THE MOVE . . . probably out of doors, on foot, with an objective and with joy in the going. Make sure that we feel two minims in a bar, not four crotchets.
There are three alternative parts, not shown in the score. Either or both of Violin 3 and Cello alternative to Viola (in tenor clef, for one or more advanced players) may support or replace the Viola part. The Cello alternative to Double Bass may, in the same way, support or replace the Double Bass part. In one way or another this lowest part should be played and not simply omitted. (These alternative parts are as nearly as possible the same as the parts they support, although there are some small differences where necessary.)
The music will, of course, sound its very best in the instrumentation given in the score, but a good result is also quite possible with the modifications described above.
On the Move could become the final item in a short, three-movement suite of this composer’s pieces, all in the Goodmusic Concert Capers series, as follows:
The Steep and Rugged Pathway - GMCC025 (A minor; sturdy, determined); Short Passacaglia - GMCC024 (D major; calm, thoughtful); On the Move - GMCC022 (G major; bright, energetic)

Duration: 2 minutes
A PACK comprises one full score and strings 4/4/3/4/2 (plus similar numbers of any alternative parts) totalling 25 parts.

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