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MAHLER, Gustav
SYMPHONY No.2 Choral Score
edited by Tom Cunningham
Goodmusic GM033

Catalogue Number: GM033

ISMN: 9790222269699

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Symphony No.2 (ed.Cunningham) image
The traditional choral scores of this work present many problems for both singers and director. This edition addresses and resolves each of these problems. As well as incorporating many corrections, the main points can be summarised as follows:
a) The tenor part in Mahler's manuscript and in other editions is in tenor C-clef which today's singers cannot easily read. In this edition it is transcribed to the usual tenor G-clef.
b) The tenor part often divides and the parts are sometimes difficult to distinguish in some editions. In this edition the tenor parts are on two staves throughout. The bass parts are also separated at one point where it is impossible to show Mahler's intentions otherwise.
c) The text in some editions is not under every voice part which makes it difficult for the singers to read the notes and the text together. In this edition the text is under every voice part.
d) The page layout in some editions causes unfortunate page turns, such as at the quietest point in the opening phrase. The layout of this edition solves these problems.
e) One popular choral score contains many differences from the published full scores - one example is in the last two bars of the chorus parts where there is an erroneous decrescendo. Other differences involve misplaced or incorrect dynamics and markings.
f) A literal translation of the German text is given at the foot of each page.
This edition of the choral score is based on Mahler's final 1910 full score. It is therefore completely compatible with the current full scores and orchestral material. It contains all necessary orchestral cues and can also be used by the soloists as the solo parts are given complete.
A similar score of Mahler Symphony No.3 is also available - GM034.

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