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01684 773883

John Jeffreys
THIRD AND LAST BOOK OF SONGS for voice and piano
Roberton Publications 1537

Catalogue Number: 01537

ISMN: 9790222239401

Third and Last Book of Songs image
Thirty-one songs with piano
(Despite the title, this was NOT the composer's LAST book of songs!)
Awake thee my Bessy (J. J. Callanan); The birds (Hilaire Belloc); Brown is my love (Anon); Corpus Christi (Anon); The farewell (Robert Burns); Fill me O stars (Joseph Campbell); Gather ye rosebuds (Robert Herrick); Ha'nacker Mill (Hilaire Belloc); I am the gilly of Christ (Joseph Campbell); In a boat (Hillaire Belloc); In Marley Wood (Hugh S. Roberton); The lone bird (Emily Bronte); Love me not for comely grace (Anon); Lullaby (Thomas Dekker); Merry eye (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); My lady (Anon); My master hath a garden (Anon); Northumberland (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); The reaper (Barry Duane Hill); Sally (Barry Duane Hill); Six badgers (Robert Graves); Sweeney the Mad (Anon); That ever I saw (Anon); To make my mistress kind (Patrick Hannay); A true woman's eye (Anon); What thing is love? (Anon); When I came last to Ludlow (A. E. Housman); When I was one and twenty (A. E. Housman); When as I wake (Patrick Hannay); With rue my heart is laden (A. E. Housman); Yet will I love her (Anon)

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