1. Gerald Barry
      STRING QUARTET No.2 (1998)
      for 2 violins, viola and cello
      Oxford Contemporary Repertoire Series

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      The contents of 1998 are so wide-ranging they support most interpretations. The sounds are taken from so many musical worlds and are filled with resonances. In whichever direction you are facing, they and you are likely to coincide.
      You could say that a drama is being enacted here which will always be hidden because of the completely enigmatic nature of the sounds.
      Because there are no signposts it is very difficult to foresee the music's destination at any point - it is resolutely inconstant. If it were a painting it would be abstract with occasional figurative imagery - a thigh, a calf, those sounds which reassure - but these are illusory and unreachable.
      Duration 20 minutes

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      Gerald Barry - String Quartet No.2 (1998) Score (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: OCR190      9780193553217      

      Price: £9.00


      Gerald Barry - String Quartet No.2 (1998) Parts (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: OCR190-01            

      Price: £16.00

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