1. Gabriel Jackson
      for saxophone quartet
      Oxford Contemporary Repertoire Series

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      Rhythm and Blues was commissioned by Andrew Gottschalk and was first performed by the Delta Saxophone Quartet at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on June 26th1994. It is recorded by the Riga Saxophone Quartet on Latvian Radio/Riga Sax Quartet RSQ2 and by the Veya Saxophone Quartet on VSQ2006.
      The work is in two movements: the first is fast and rhythmic, with featured solos for the baritone, soprano, and alto saxophone. The second movement is much slower and melancholy, providing a real contrast to the opening of the piece. Jackson's ability to effortlessly bring together the two ingredients of rhythmic vitality and expressive harmony, has meant that Rhythm and Blues has already made it into the repertoire of quartets worldwide.
      Duration 14 minutes

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      Gabriel Jackson - Rhythm and Blues sax quartet (Saxophone ensemble)

      Catalogue Number: OCR147      9780193356795      

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