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ORCHESTRA Graded List - Level C

Attributing a particular level of difficulty to an orchestral piece is awkward! A piece may be easy for the strings but difficult for the brass; it may feature a tricky instrumental solo but the other parts may be relatively straightforward. However, we have now graded all of our orchestral titles from Level A (easy) to Level F (difficult).
These levels should be taken as a guide only!
You can look at most of the scores on the DETAILS page of each title to check whether it is suitable for you.
A = for players up to UK Grade 3 standard
B = Grade 3 to 5
C = Grade 4 to 6
D = Grade 5 to 7
E = Grade 6 to 8
F = Grade 7 upwards

This list is for LEVEL C titles. Click on the other levels above for those lists.
If your orchestra is more capable, do not let these gradings stop you playing a piece graded below your level. Some pieces just aren't that difficult!

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