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01684 773883

John Jeffreys
Audio CD SONIC N0203

Catalogue Number: SONIC_N0203


Curlew Calling Weir/hoffman image
A 2 CD set with a selection of 41 songs composed by John Jeffreys from 1952–2001 with Scot Weir (tenor) and Rainer Hoffmann (piano).
The Lone Bird; This Night; Sweeny the Mad; Fill me, O stars; Black Stitchel; Sleep; Christ's Nativity; The Birds; I am the gilly of Christ; I saw love raised upon a tree; At the cry of the first bird; Who is at my window?; From Omiecourt; Severn Meadows; In Marley Wood; Corpus Christi; Requiem; Thomas MacDonagh; Curlew Calling; With rue my heart is laden.
Awake thee my Bessy; And would you see my mistress face?; O Mistress Mine; It was a lover and his lass; The Whin; The Sally Gardens; Yet will I love her; A light wind; The quarry; Gone is my love from the silver stream; It is winter; Near Spring; When the body might free; 'Tis time I think; The High Hills; I will go with my father a-ploughing; Northumberland; All night under the moon; The songs I had; When that I was a little tiny boy.

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