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Paul Lewis
Goodmusic GM383

Catalogue Number: GM383

ISMN: 9790222321700

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Improvisations on The Ash Grove image
Four short improvisations on the popular Welsh air, framed by an even briefer Introduction and Coda.
INTRODUCTION: In Celtic mythology the ash is associated with fairies. The Introduction, entirely in harmonics, sets an atmosphere of fairy magic.
IMPROVISATION 1: Lyrical and idyllic. The theme is decorated with triplets and grace notes.
IMPROVISATION 2: The ash was said to have healing properties for the very young. This extrovert waltz suggests children dancing happily through an ash grove.
IMPROVISATION 3: Lonely and pensive. A minor key movement, as of one seeking solace among the ash trees.
IMPROVISATION 4: Another waltz, this time in upbeat jazz style.
CODA: We return to the fairy world of the Introduction, with gentle bell-like harmonics.
The work is affectionately dedicated to harpist Sioned Williams. Paul Lewis

Duration about 5½ minutes

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