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Paul Lewis
for Theremin (or Violin or Flute) and Piano
Goodmusic GM356

Catalogue Number: GM356

ISMN: 9790222316027

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Valse Lente image
This haunting melody came out of the ether one day as if tailor-made for the theremin with its other-worldly quality, and is therefore dedicated to the eminent theremin virtuoso Charlie Draper. Valse Lente also sounds well on flute or violin. Paul Lewis
Duration 4 minutes

Footnote The theremin was invented in Russia by Lev Theremin and first demonstrated publicly in 1920. It is in effect a radio receiver with protruding antenna and metal loop employing high frequency circuits and oscillating valves to enable the instrument to be played, without contact, by means of hand movements that resemble a surreal digital ballet. The unearthly, almost human voice-like quality of its sound made the instrument a sine qua non for science fiction film composers in the 1950s.

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