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Paul Lewis
Goodmusic GM343

Catalogue Number: GM343

ISMN: 9790222314986

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Anyone for Takeaway? image
Three easy pieces for piano.
Tasty foreign takeaway meals are a regular source of happiness and convenience in this busy modern world. Surveys show the most popular to be Chinese, Indian and Italian pizza. So great a part of British culture are they that they are often rated above good old British fish'n'chips!
Chinese Takeaway
The woks are sizzling in the kitchen of the local Chinese takeaway! This piece uses the Oriental pentatonic scale, which, when in the key of C consists of the notes C,D,E,G and A.
Indian Takeaway
The piano imitates a sitar with its drone bass. The second and sixth notes of the D major scale are flattened to imitate an Indian scale so as to add a touch of exotic spice to the music!
Pizza Delivery
A happy-go-lucky Italian tarantella for the pizza delivery bike with the shrill peep-peep of its hooter as it threads its way through the traffic. Paul Lewis
Duration 4 minutes

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