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Philip Spratley
Bardic Edition BDE1044

Catalogue Number: BDE1044

ISMN: 9790502447205

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Clarinet Concertino 'Byard's Leap' image
Study Score. For Bb Clarinet, Timpani, Percussion: (Bass Drum, Cymbals, Wood Block) and Strings.
Near the village of Ancaster in Lincolnshire there are stories of a famous horse called Byard who did a series of amazing leaps to escape the clutches of the evil old hag Meg. One version of the story tells of his demise shortly afterwards but another tells of his living to ripe old age.
The music depicts the second version and the first movement, which opens with a brief cadenza, evokes a pastoral scene. The scoring is for clarinet and strings only in this movement, where the horse is in a field close to the church - the day being Good Friday.
The second movement is marked Larghetto e desolato as the lonely and unwanted Byard wanders towards the edge of the field. The doors and windows of the church are open and he hears a story of a man unwanted and abandoned by his friends. He cries out in pain as rumbles of thunder are heard in the distance. Two children in the choir sneak out to see what the matter is and for a brief moment a miracle occurs and Byard is able to tell them of his distress. The youngsters promise to look after him and visit him regularly.
The last movement depicts the horse’s joy as he finds new life to prance around his pasture. In the final section he describes his famous leaps to the two youngsters. Philip Spratley

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