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Michael Blake
REVERIE for two pianos
Bardic Edition BDE691

Catalogue Number: BDE0691

ISMN: 9790502444211

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for two pianos, four hands (two copies are included)
"...of the joy of the dreamer no man knoweth but he who dreameth...without dreams and phantoms man cannot exist" (Olive Schreiner, "Story of an African Farm")

Composer’s Note:
Pedal should be used where indicated, but may also be used anywhere else in the piece taking care not to blur the sound. The rests should alwaysbe observed, except where pedalling is indicated. Although the dynamics are marked low until bar 185, the piece should be played in a rhythmically very precise and articulated way, and tempo relationships faithfully observed throughout.
The first performance was given on 31st March, 1996 in the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London by Sally Rose and Tony Gray.
Duration 10 minutes

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