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Albert Sammons
Roberton 95434

Catalogue Number: 95434

ISMN: 9790222304185

Secret of Technique in Vln Playing image
"The Secret of Technique in Violin Playing - being an unique method of daily practice for soloists and advanced players" was originally published in 1916 by Hawkes & Son, London but had been out of print for many years when, in 1986, Kenneth Roberton, then owner of Roberton Publications, with the encouragement of a number of violinists, sought permission to re-issue it. All the legal formalities were completed by 1987 but then for some unknown reason the project stalled and the material lay undisturbed in the Roberton archives until this publication thirty years later!
Hugh Bean (1929-2003), the eminent English violinist, and a pupil of Albert Sammons, was one of those urging re-issue and he wrote this note for the preface of the new publication:
I am delighted that this unique work by Albert Sammons is once more available. Practical teacher as he was, with little formal instruction himself, his methods were simple and direct - eschewing impressionistic word pictures in favour of simple, down to earth advice, understood by all his pupils. He thus knew supremely well, not only how to develop a highly serviceable technique, but also, under practical, professional conditions (i.e. limited practise time available, often in highly unfavourable situations) how to maintain this technique under performing conditions. There are many works already which have this ideal, but none I feel, which guides the violinist in so practical and concise a manner.

28 pages - Facsimile edition.

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