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Peter Thorogood
Goodmusic GM247

Catalogue Number: GM247

ISMN: 9790222308190

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Scenes from My Childhood image
In these five scenes, Peter Thorogood recalls the pleasant days of his childhood on the family farm, running through the meadows, playing in his father's rose garden, chasing butterflies and enjoying listening to his mother at the piano.
Through the Meadows We ran through the meadows, bright with buttercups and daisies - we in our innocent joy, delighting in all that was beautiful and good in our little world.
Marionette On Christmas morning we came down to discover our treasures under the Christmas Tree, so lovingly decorated by Mother and Father. Among the games and puzzles and train-sets and flying-tops was a comical marionette.
Butterfly Sometimes we scampered about Father's rose-garden, chasing after butterflies that fluttered to and fro among the fragrant flowers and on out-of-reach in the dark ivy that grew over the old apple tree.
Musical Box I remember one of my school friends bringing a musical box to class. None of us had ever set eyes on such a magical toy. We listened and watched in wonder as, at the touch of a lever, a small mechanical doll, dressed in Spanish costume, pirouetted on the lid to a tinkling tune.
Skipping On a warm summer afternoon, one of us brought out a skipping rope and we raced about the lawn, jumping, leaping and skipping by turns, while Father was trying to mow. Through the window we could hear, at intervals, the sound of Aunt Cissie’s beautiful soprano voice. She was singing a sentimental song, with Mother sweetly accompanying her at the piano.

Duration 12 minutes

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