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Paul Lewis
LYRIC SUITE for flute and piano
Goodmusic GM179

Catalogue Number: GM179

ISMN: 9790222300774

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Lyric Suite is dedicated to Sharon my wife and is inspired by the happiness of married life in our Tudor home near the South Downs. Sharon grew up north of the Downs within sight of Chanctonbury Ring and I grew up on the southern slopes of the Downs in Hove. When we met we discovered that as youngsters we both used to watch skylarks and listen to their song as they hovered above the hills.
The three-movement suite begins with Contemplation, a peaceful minor key pastorale; the central movement, Joy, is an expression of rural happiness in Morris dance style, and the the final movement, Contentment, is melodically related to the opening pastoral movement, but being in a major key is of a positively smiling demeanor.
Contentment, which was never my prevailing state of mind during the 64 years that elapsed before I met Sharon, is the inescapable result of the contemplation and joy expressed in the previous two movements.
Paul Lewis
Duration 10 minutes

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