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The GOODMUSIC ORCHESTRAL SERIES is an extensive series of orchestral music with titles suitable not only for schools,
        youth orchestras and amateur orchestras but professionals and any orchestra looking for shorter concert works.

Each title is conveniently packaged in a plastic pocket containing a full score and a complete set of parts which comprises one of each wind,
brass and percussion part and string parts 4/4/3/4/2 plus any solo, keyboard or harp parts (unless otherwise stated). Where any alternative
string parts such as 3rd violin are available, similar quantities are included. These packs represent excellent value for money.
Although the PACKS are a convenient and cost-effective way of buying our orchestral music, EXTRA PARTS and EXTRA SCORES are
available for all titles. Standard full scores are A4 in size, but for some more complex, larger works an A3 sized score is also on sale.

Copying                                                                      Categories

It is ILLEGAL and UNFAIR to copy any of our publications and                 GOODMUSIC CONCERT CLASSICS
offenders are liable to prosecution. A purchaser is NOT permitted to         Concert works and well-known excerpts. Some
make extra copies of scores or parts. There should be no reason why          arranged for amateur orchestra, others are faithful to
you cannot obtain copies of any of the music in this series. We will         the original and have merely been tidied up to ensure
always maintain stocks of these titles and keep them in print (unless        that trumpet parts are in Bb, Horn parts in F etc. to
prevented from doing so by any copyright restrictions placed upon us).       make them suitable for less experienced players.
If you need extra parts they are available. We virtually always supply       Catalogue numbers start GMCL and covers are
orders within one working day whether to retail customers or to music        yellow.
dealers. We do not supply copies electronically.
                                                                             GOODMUSIC CONCERT POPS
     Grades of Difficulty                                                    Popular titles in arrangements for standard
                                                                             concert orchestra enable the orchestra that enjoys the
Attributing a particular level of difficulty to an orchestral piece is       titles in our other categories to play something
awkward! A piece may be easy for the strings but difficult for the brass;    lighter. These titles also make good encore material.
it may feature a tricky instrumental solo but the other parts may be         Catalogue numbers start GMCP and pack covers are
relatively straightforward. However, we have now graded all of our           orange.
orchestral titles from Level A (easy) to Level F (difficult).
These levels should be taken as a guide only!                                GOODMUSIC CONCERT CHORALS
You can look at most of the scores on our website to check whether it is     Short pieces for orchestra and choir, although in
suitable for you.                                                            many cases the choir can be omitted as parts are
                                                                             cued to allow for performances with orchestra alone.
             Level A = for players up to UK Grade 3                          Well-known choruses can therefore be included in
             Level B = Grade 3 to 5                                          an orchestral concert. Catalogue numbers start
             Level C = Grade 4 to 6                                          GMCH and pack covers are red.
             Level D = Grade 5 to 7
             Level E = Grade 6 to 8
             Level F = Grade 7 upwards

         S Strings only

A number of our works are for String Orchestra or can be played by           GOODMUSIC CONCERT CAPERS
strings only, though some are arrangements with a piano to fill in missing   for student orchestra
wind parts. When browsing through the catalogue you can recognise            These titles, some original pieces, some
these works easily as they are shown with a S symbol. This symbol is         arrangements, are designed specifically for orchestras
also used for concertos, for instance, where the soloist is accompanied      up to around grade 3-4 standard. Catalogue
only by strings.                                                             numbers start GMCC and pack covers are green.

             Christmas                                                       GOODMUSIC CONCERT CAMEOS
                                                                             Short pieces for orchestra with a soloist.
A selection of music suitable for Christmas can be found on pages 75         Some pieces are suitable only for a specific
to 79 but these titles are largely included in the main listing under their  instrument but many are arrangements of well-loved
composers/arrangers.                                                         pieces that can be performed by any one of a
                                                                             number of solo instruments or, in some cases, solo
                Prices                                                       voice. Catalogue numbers start GMCA and pack
                                                                             covers are blue.
Prices are shown by each title for a PACK, a separate SCORE and any
extra PARTS. A PACK includes a full score, string parts of 4/4/3/4/2         GOODMUSIC CONCERT ORIGINALS
plus all wind, brass, percussion, keyboard and any solo parts (unless        Original pieces for orchestras who are looking for
indicated otherwise).                                                        something new chiefly by British composers. We
PRICES shown are UK retail prices at January 1st 2020 but are subject        have a range of titles to suit professional orchestras
to change. VAT is charged at 0% on printed music.                            right through to schools and amateurs. Catalogue
                                                                             numbers start GMCO and pack covers are
    Electronic Downloads                                                     coloured purple.

At the time of this catalogue going to press, we are not able to offer
electronic downloads of music. However, we expect to move towards
that for some material during the next year or so. Please check on our
website for up-to-date information on progress.
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