1. Gabriel Erkoreka
      for baritone saxophone
      Oxford Contemporary Repertoire Series

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      Yidaki is the aboriginal name for the Australian didgeridoo. It is traditionally made from eucalyptus wood that has been hollowed out by termites. In this virtuosic piece for solo baritone saxophone, various techniques are employed to emulate the didgeridoo, including quarter tones, multiphonics, growls, singing, and harmonic sweeps.
      Duration 10 minutes

      This title is published by Oxford University Press in the Oxford Contemporary Repertoire series. It is printed and sold by Goodmusic Publishing on their behalf and all orders are supplied and invoiced directly by Goodmusic and will not be routed via OUP.
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      Gabriel Erkoreka - Yidaki for baritone saxophone (Saxophone solo)

      Catalogue Number: OCR216      9780193362772      

      Price: £4.00

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