1. Michael Finnissy
      ETTELIJKE BANGE EENDEN (Several Scared Ducks)
      for unspecified ensemble
      Oxford Contemporary Repertoire Series

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      This piece was written for a group of my students at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven (Belgium). The set of parts, two melodic with two 'echoing' them and three 'keyboards', is not strictly co-ordinated and not specific as to instrumentation. By the time of the first rehearsal I had still not found a title. As the musicians returned home from the rehearsal they chanced upon a group of ducks in the road, the ducks were scared. Hence the title 'Several scared ducks'.
      Michael Finnissy 2008

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      Michael Finnissy - Ettelijke Bange Eenden Perf.Score (Ensemble - Mixed)

      Catalogue Number: OCR179      9780193356764      

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