1. Gabriel Jackson
      for solo clarinet
      Oxford Contemporary Repertoire Series

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      Eurydice is the first of three pieces based on works by the great Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay, each work being in a different medium, though all are text-based. It is derived from the following text, titled A Variation on Lines by Pope. (This beautiful text is inscribed on a series of six large stones installed in a garden in Provence. The stones are set in a sea of lavender, representing water.)

      Eurydice the woods
      Eurydice the floods

      Eurydice the snows
      Eurydice the mountain-tops

      Eurydice the stars
      Eurydice the groves

      Eurydice the swifts
      Eurydice the nightingales

      Eurydice the clouds
      Eurydice the oaks

      Eurydice the rocks

      The first two lines, and the last line, occur in Alexander Pope's Ode on St. Cecilia's Day.
      The piece is in eleven sections divided into pairs with a single one at the end. Each section begins with a refrain - Eurydice - followed by differently characterised music for the woods, the clouds etc. Sometimes this is quasi-onomatopoeic, as in the swifts, the nightingales, representational - the floods, the stars, or more subtly allusive. Eurydice was written to a private commission and was first performed by Andrew Sparling at St. Giles' Church, Cripplegate, on October 13th 1995.
      Duration 9 minutes

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      Gabriel Jackson - Eurydice (Clarinet solo)

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