1. Michael Finnissy
      for ensemble
      Oxford Contemporary Repertoire Series

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      For hardanger fiddle, either solo or accompanied by reed-organ and/or piano (live or pre-recorded) and instrumental quartet. The piece is a 'cut-up' of passages quoted from, or composed in imitation of, traditional hardanger fiddle repertoire. Some of the music is notated in detail and in full and some does not specify any particular order for the performance of the fragments and leaves their ornamentation to the discretion of the player. There are two optional accompaniment-strands (either or both may be played if at all), consisting of slow-moving hymnody with a lot of gaps in the harmony. Sold as a set of parts.
      Duration 7 minutes

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      Michael Finnissy - Seterjentens Fridag (Ensemble - Mixed)

      Catalogue Number: OCR062      9780193564695      

      Price: £8.00

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