1. Tom Cunningham
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      A set of five amusing songs for either unison voices or a solo voice, with piano accompaniment, about the "Tartan Terrors". Words by Derek Roberts set to music by Tom Cunningham. Commissioned by the National Youth Choir of Scotland.
      The five songs are:
      The Wild Haggis
      The Loch Ness Monster
      Bogle Boogie
      (A Bogle is a Scottish sprite that loves to play tricks on humans, especially children)
      The Wee Gigelorum (an insect of Scottish folklore, believed to be the smallest creature)
      The Kelpie (a shape-shifting water spirit that often appears as a horse)
      "Never take a selfie with a kelpie,
      This river horse just isn't man's best friend,
      When a kelpie starts to smile
      It is time to run a mile,
      Or you'll come to a very sticky end!"

      Total duration 10 minutes

      Apart from the audio file below, for teaching use or as an accompaniment (if you don't have a pianist) you can find separate recordings of each song with a clarinet on the vocal line on Tom Cunningham's website. CLICK HERE

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      Tom Cunningham - Tartan Terrors (Voice solo (with accompaniment))

      Catalogue Number: GM230      9790222306578      

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