1. Paul Carr
      SONATINA for alto sax and piano
      Goodmusic GM183

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      This Sonatina for Alto Saxophone and Piano joins a series of Sonatinas I have written over the years for various instruments. I first met George Hewett at the Dorset Opera Festival where I have directed a number of productions and where George has been a member of the chorus since he was 17. Each festival, following one of the opera dress rehearsals, an informal Cabaret Night is held in the impressive mansion house at Bryanston School, at which various members of the cast and chorus offer up a variety of entertainments. This has always been one of the highlights of this summer-school festival for me, and more often than not, George either sings or plays his sax, and play it he certainly can, usually something more jazz inspired. So this piece is inspired by George himself - his popularity and charm, his handsome good looks, and his effervescent sense of fun! Paul Carr
      The three movements are headed: Let Beauty Awake; As she walks by; Oh George!
      Duration 10½ minutes

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      Paul Carr - Sonatina for alto sax and piano (Saxophone and piano)

      Catalogue Number: GM183      9790222302075      

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