1. Havelock Nelson
      TWO PIECES for flute and piano
      Goodmusic GM066

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      Two lovely pieces "Eirie Cherie" and "In Venzuela" for flute and piano.
      EIRIE CHERIE was written for Kenneth Smith (flute) and Paul Rhodes (piano) and is based on a Trinidadian folk song. It captures much of the spirit of Jamaican music through its laid-back, langorous melody and its infectious rhythms.
      IN VENEZUELA is subtitled "Improvisation on a South American theme", this work started out as a piece for cello and harp. Havelock Nelson subsequently arranged it for flute and piano and dedicated it to Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes (for whom "Eirie Cherie", above, was written). The piece opens with a haunting melody in the minor key on the flute which is taken up and developed by the piano. A contrasting section of a more reflective character appears before the opening theme returns once again for the conclusion.
      Duration 2 minutes and 3 minutes
      A CD recording of these pieces played by Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes is available on Divine Arts DDA25069.

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      Havelock Nelson - Two Pieces: Eirie Cherie+Venezuela (Flute and piano)

      Catalogue Number: GM066      9790222281547      

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