1. Hugh S. Roberton
      for mixed voice choir (S/A/Men)
      Roberton 62006

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      Born in Glasgow, Hugh Roberton became a funeral director apart from being a conductor and composer. A highly motivated and self-taught choir-master, he founded the Toynbee Musical Association in 1901 and five years later, this became the Glasgow Orpheus Choir which gained a world-wide reputation and went on to perform under Hugh's direction for some 45 years. He composed much for his choir, with perhaps his most famous pieces being "All in the April Evening" and the "Mingulay Boat Song". He had a reputation for getting the very best from his singers, who held him in such great esteem that when he resigned as their leader shortly before his death, the choir agreed that they must disband. However, the Orpheus rose again when many of its members re-formed as the Glasgow Phoenix Choir, which continues to perform and tour to this day. Hugh Roberton was knighted in 1931.
      This version of "All in the April Evening" originally published under the catalogue number 61427 for unaccompanied mixed voice choir of sopranos, altos and men, is now in a clearer, newly typeset edition. Other versions are available for solo voice, unison voices, female voice choir, male voice choir, full mixed voice choir (SATB), with Welsh words and also in an arrangement for string orchestra and a "meditation" for organ.
      Duration nearly 3 minutes

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      Hugh S. Roberton - All in the April Evening (Choir - Mixed voices (SAMen))

      Catalogue Number: 62006      9790222243736      

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