1. Weiss/Creatore/Peretti arr.Gwyn Arch
      for male voice choir and piano
      Roberton 53183

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      This song was first recorded in 1939 but became best known in the 1950s when sung by Pete Seeger. He explains the song . . . . "it refers to an old legend about the last king of the Zulus, who was known as Shaka the Lion. Legend says that Shaka the Lion didn't die when the Europeans took over the country; he simply went to sleep, and he'll wake up some day".
      This new arrangement by Gwyn Arch is for male voice choir with piano accompaniment and percussion - a CONGA or similar drum and CLAVES or a woodblock.
      Duration about 3 minutes

      Only licensed for sale in the UK

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      George Weiss - Lion Sleeps Tonight Wimoweh (Arch) (Choir - Male voices)

      Catalogue Number: 53183      9790222274648      

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