1. THIRTY FINGERS SERIES for six hands on one piano
      TCHAIKOVSKY - Adagio lamentoso from SYMPHONY No.6
      arranged by Peter Wildman
      Roberton 9938

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      THIRTY FINGERS is a series of books of various standards for three players on one piano.
      This work is for players of around Grades 6 to 8 standard. This is the last movement from Tchaikovsky's sixth symphony.

      Also available are free Practice Tracks each with a different player's part missing so you can play along with your two partners even when they are not there!
      For details on the whole series and to listen to or download the Practice Tracks CLICK HERE

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      Peter Wildman - Thirty Fingers Tchaikovsky 6 Adagio (Piano - 3 players on 1 piano)

      Catalogue Number: 09938      9790222269859      

      Price: £6.00


      Peter Wildman - Thirty Fingers Tchaikovsky 6 Adagio (Compact disc)

      Catalogue Number: 09938CD      9790222269989      

      Price: £5.50

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