1. Paul Lewis
      TWO FOR FI for harp
      Goodmusic GM248

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      Two short pieces for harp with a gentle jazz inflection.
      Sunday Morning Meander:
      One Sunday morning Fiona Hosford, my wife's harp teacher, emailed her a chord she'd discovered and taken a liking to. Intrigued, I played it and meandered around it to see where it led me. The result is this piece, which starts with the chord, wanders dreamily off and wends its way back to the chord four bars from the end.
      Memory Lane:
      Having meandered around a chord in the morning and feeling that a companion piece was needed, I decided to saunter down Memory Lane in the afternoon, building on an idea I'd had previously for a piece to reflect Fi's relaxed performance style. Paul Lewis
      Duration 4 minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Two for Fi (Harp)

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