1. Paul Lewis
      TWO SOLILOQUIES for harp
      Goodmusic GM252

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      Two rhapsodic and improvisatory pieces composed in 1997 for harpist Elizabeth Jane Baldry and revised for publication in 2018.
      The second makes use of two three-note motifs representing the initials of dedicatee and composer. Using an extended musical alphabet in which J equals the note C and R is the note D, EJB becomes ECB, the defining notes of a C major seventh chord, and PRL its near mirror image, BDE.
      Duration 8½ minutes

      Also available in a version for Flute (or Violin), Viola and Harp (GM255)

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      Paul Lewis - Two Soliloquies (Harp)

      Catalogue Number: GM252      9790222308787      

      Price: £4.50

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