1. Paul Lewis
      TWO LAMENTS for harp
      Goodmusic GM153

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      Lament for a King (in memoriam Richard III, slain 1485)
      Lament for a Castle (in memoriam Cathcart Castle, demolished 1980)
      In September 2014 I discovered that Cathcart Castle in Scotland, which I had visited and sketched in 1964, had been demolished in 1980 after decades of neglect on the part of its owners, Glasgow City Council. Such was my fondness for the castle and for my sketch that I felt bereft, as if I had lost an old friend, and immediately decided to compose a lament. Two days later I read the newly published analysis of the horrific battle wounds to Richard III's skull. Having previously, in celebratory mood, written my Fanfare for King Richard III to celebrate the discovery of the king's skeleton in a Leicester car park, I now, deeply saddened at what I had read, felt I must write a lament for him too. (Paul Lewis)
      Duration 5½ minutes
      Version also available for solo horn - GM154.

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      Paul Lewis - Two Laments for Harp (Harp)

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