1. LEWIS, Paul (1943- )
      RUSSIAN SCENES cor anglais and piano
      Roberton 95530

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      Russian Scenes are pictures of the old Russia my forbears would have known. The melodies are simple and folk-like, the middle movement being a lament, something which the possession of Russian blood enables one to do with a certain thoroughness. This movement is dedicated to the memory of Phyllis, my ninety-three-year-old half-Russian violinist mother, recently deceased at the time of composing. Paul Lewis.
      The three movements are entitled "Easter Bells", "Lament" and "Troika".
      This work is also available in a version for Alto Flute and Piano (95529) or Clarinet and Piano (95531)

      Duration: 11 minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Russian Scenes cor anglais (Oboe and piano)

      Catalogue Number: 95530      9790222269170      

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