1. Paul Lewis
      Vocalise for mixed voice choir or vocal sextet

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      Whilst composing this piece to assuage the sadness of parting from a loved one, a single flower of my favourite rose blossomed in my garden - the only one to do so that year. (P.Lewis)
      The composer made this arrangement for mixed voices (SSATBarB) after hearing the St. Petersburg Blagovest Ensemble in Farringdon Church, Devon on May 16th 2005. As this is a vocalise, there are no lyrics to detract from the simple beauty of the music!
      The original string orchestra version of ROSA MUNDI is available in the Goodmusic Concert Originals series of music for orchestra (GMCO057).

      Duration 3 Minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Rosa Mundi (Choir - Mixed voices (SATB))

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