1. Paul Lewis
      for Soprano vocalise or Flute or Violin and Piano
      Goodmusic GM241

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      Three melodies that leave the listener with memories which, like a perfume, waft in and out of the mind.
      Jasmine, a youthful, bright and fresh fragrance bringing with it memories of spring and the promise of summer.
      Musk, a powerful fragrance that has presence and a passionate character.
      Rose, a timeless scent that evokes nostalgia. The rose is the eternal flower of romance and love.
      Without the essence of pure love, what we create can have no soul. Sharon Elizabeth

      Paul and Sharon Elizabeth Lewis's interest in the ancient art of blending and distilling perfume began with a visit to the Chateau de Chamerolles, France, where recreations of ancient perfumes made from plants grown in the chateau's renaissance gardens can be enjoyed. It was the parfumier's terminology for the layers of scents known as high, base and the heart notes, which when combined create a perfume by making a perfect "accord" or chord, that suggested this musical evocation of heady olfactory delights.
      The three arias that make up Perfume Notes were composed in 2008 and premiered on October 30th that year by the dedicatee Sharon Elizabeth and the composer in a gala concert to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the Tauranga Art Gallery, Tauranga, New Zealand.
      Duration 7½ minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Perfume Notes (Voice or Vln or Fl) (Voice solo (with accompaniment))

      Catalogue Number: GM241      9790222308053      

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