1. Clive Jenkins
      PASTORALE AND ALLEGRO for violin and piano
      Goodmusic GM163

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      'A tuneful piece for baroque string orchestra but with a modern sound' was the brief. The Chamber Ensemble of London first played the result at St Martin-in-the-Fields in 2005 and later recorded it. However, its actual premiere was in Plymouth Museum & Art Gallery the year before in this violin and piano reduction suggested by CEOL's director, Peter Fisher, who was the soloist.
      The Pastorale was inspired by the gentle countryside of the South Hams, where Clive Jenkins now lives. The Allegro theme came to him when, out walking on Dartmoor, he saw a herd of ponies suddenly gallop off across the horizon.
      Duration 7 minutes
      The orchestral material is available - catalogue number GMCO123.

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      Clive Jenkins - Pastorale and Allegro (Violin and piano)

      Catalogue Number: GM163      9790222294271      

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