1. Paul Lewis
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      Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass

      With a lifelong passion for mediaeval architecture it was inevitable that I should fall in love with Norfolk on first sight in 1966; as a composer of TV drama scores I have been on location in the county many times and Norfolk Suite was inspired by returning after an absence of over 20 years.
      1. Castle Rising
      The grimly splendid stone keep of Castle Rising seems literally to rise out of the ground from behind its earthen ramparts as one approaches, evoking images of the Norman knights who built it. A romantic section expresses the intense nostalgia that ancient ruins and this part of Norfolk inspire in me.
      2. Wymondham Abbey
      Ruined, or in this case partly-ruined, abbeys have always exerted a great fascination for me, and ghostly memories of plainsong and the footfall of long-dead monks pacing through vanished cloisters echoing through the centuries recur from time to time in my music.
      3. Ranworth Broad
      The beautiful Norfolk Broads are for many alive with nostalgic memories of family holidays spent sailing gently past windmills and deserted churches. I visited in 1983 when composing the music for the BBC Sunday teatime serial Swallows and Amazons Forever! based on Arthur Ransome’s famous adventure stories.
      4. Norwich Market
      There has been a permanent market on the same site for over a thousand years. The brightly striped awnings of the stalls beneath the ancient Guildhall suggest an air of optimistic bustle and jollity.
      Paul Lewis
      Duration 12½ minutes

      A PACK comprises one full score and string parts 4/4/3/4/2.

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      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Pack (String Orchestra)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104      9790222287761      Level D

      Price: £32.00


      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Score (Orchestral Score)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104-00      9790222287778      

      Price: £8.00


      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Violin 1 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104-01      9790222287785      

      Price: £1.75


      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Violin 2 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104-02      9790222287792      

      Price: £1.75


      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Viola (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104-03      9790222287808      

      Price: £1.75


      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Cello (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104-04      9790222287815      

      Price: £1.75


      Paul Lewis - Norfolk Suite Bass (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO104-05      9790222287822      

      Price: £1.75

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