1. Paul Lewis
      MERMAIDS AND MUSES for 2 flutes and piano
      Roberton 95537

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      "Mermaids and Muses" is the generic term for my closest friends and colleagues: those whose talent, beauty and friendship are a source of continual joy and inspiration to me. One such is Hispano-French poet Carole Lopes-Hak, to whom I once played a melody over the telephone from my home by the sea in Hove. That evening, by the River Seine in France, Carole wrote an enchanting poem, "Rond d'eau" ("Circle of Water"), and sent it to me. I immediately set it to music. "Mermaids" is an arrangement of that setting, and to complete the rond, or circle, "Muses" is the melody which inspired the poem. (Paul Lewis)
      Duration 4½ minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Mermaids and Muses 2 fls and piano (Flute and piano)

      Catalogue Number: 95537      9790222271456      

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