1. Clive Jenkins
      for Brass Quintet
      Goodmusic GM216

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      A piece for brass quintet (2 Trumpets in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone and Tuba) which features the trombone. Score and parts included.
      The first four notes of the trombone solo came to me out of the air.
      Years ago, my wife Sheila and I were weekending on the Roseland Peninsula. We had arrived late in the evening. When we woke up next morning, fog had blotted out sight but not sound. From the sea we could hear ships' foghorns and, more distantly, on land, the horn of a diesel locomotive. These combined to suggest a tune which formed in my head as I took in the beautiful scenery after the fog lifted. Clive Jenkins
      Duration 4½ minutes

      Also available in a version for Trombone and Piano - GM217.

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      Clive Jenkins - In Roseland (Brass Quintet) (Ensemble - Mixed brass)

      Catalogue Number: GM216      9790222305892      

      Price: £6.50

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