1. GIBBS, Armstrong (1889-1960)
      PRELUDE, ANDANTE AND FINALE for String Orchestra (arranged by Lawrence Ashmore)
      Concert Originals Series GMCO067

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      Strings (Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin 3, Viola, Cello, Double Bass)
      Known principally for his solo songs, Armstrong Gibbs also wrote music for the stage, sacred works, three symphonies and a substantial amount of chamber music, much of which remains unpublished. Armstrong Gibbs was born near Chelmsford in Essex and spent much of his busy life there when he was not touring the country adjudicating at festivals, conducting and composing.
      The Prelude, Andante and Finale was written in 1946 originally as a string orchestra work but the manuscript was lost and the only surviving copy is the composer's own arrangement for piano duet. Lawrence Ashmore has recreated a string orchestra version using Gibbs' original forces. He writes: "It was obvious that the composer had expected the violin parts to be divided in three through a large part of the second and third movements; this is a feature of his writing that occurs elsewhere in such works as his 'Threnody for Walter de la Mare'. I would recommend therefore that one third of both first and second violins become third violins when required. When the piece returns to firsts and seconds only, they should revert to their original sections." Consequently, the Violin 3 part is not printed separately but is shown in both the Violin 1 and Violin 2 parts.
      Duration: 18 minutes
      A PACK comprises one full score and string parts 4/4/3/4/2.

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      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Pack (String Orchestra)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067      9790222267466      Level E

      Price: £42.00


      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Score (Orchestral Score)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067-00      9790222267473      

      Price: £8.00


      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Vln 1+3 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067-01      9790222267480      

      Price: £2.25


      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Vln 2+3 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067-02      9790222267497      

      Price: £2.25


      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Viola (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067-03      9790222267503      

      Price: £2.25


      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Cello (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067-04      9790222267510      

      Price: £2.25


      Armstrong Gibbs - Prelude Andante & Finale Bass (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO067-05      9790222267527      

      Price: £2.25

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