1. LANE, Philip (1950- )
      Concert Originals Series GMCO036

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      Strings (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass)

      The title of this three movement work is used in its light-hearted, entertaining sense. The short movements are designed to be succinct and not to outstay their welcome! The work received its first performance in November 1973 by the Cheltenham Chamber Orchestra conducted by Laurence Hudson. It has been commercially recorded on the Naxos label by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia conducted by David Lloyd-Jones.
      Duration: 7 minutes
      A PACK comprises one full score and strings 4/4/3/4/2

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      Philip Lane - Pantomime Pack (String Orchestra)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036      9790222228481      Level D

      Price: £27.00


      Philip Lane - Pantomime Score (Orchestral Score)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036-00      9790222228498      

      Price: £6.00


      Philip Lane - Pantomime Violin 1 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036-01      9790222228504      

      Price: £1.75


      Philip Lane - Pantomime Violin 2 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036-02      9790222228511      

      Price: £1.75


      Philip Lane - Pantomime Viola (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036-03      9790222228528      

      Price: £1.75


      Philip Lane - Pantomime Cello (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036-04      9790222228535      

      Price: £1.75


      Philip Lane - Pantomime Bass (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO036-05      9790222228542      

      Price: £1.75

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