1. Paul Carr
      for Alto Saxophone and Piano
      Goodmusic GM290

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      Summer Music was originally composed in 2017 during the month of August; not a particularly good summer in the UK with rather too many days of windy wet weather. Perhaps this influenced my mood at the time, and although infused with a summer's warmth at the start, there is a definite melancholy, almost a bluesy feel, pervading much of the first movement. The slow second movement which follows was written over the course of an evening, with a light summer rain setting the scene; an emotionally charged piece of reflection and thoughtfulness, and the stillpoint of the work. In stark contrast the final movement bounces with summer delights as I have taken to cycling along the river path which runs near my home in Bath - carefree joyousness on a perfect English summer's day . . . at last!

      Originally written as a Piano Trio and published in various combinations, I then made this arrangement two years later for Alto Saxophone and Piano for the brilliant young saxophonist, Rob Burton. Paul Carr

      The three movements are titled:
      One weekend in August
      The softness of rainfall at night
      Bicycles on Sunday morning

      Duration 13 minutes

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      Paul Carr - Summer Music for alto sax (Saxophone and piano)

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