1. Paul Lewis
      CHAMEROLLES for flute or violin and guitar
      Goodmusic GM257

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      Chamerolles is a fairytale French renaissance chateau built by the romantically named Lancelot du Lac, (Lancelot of the Lake,) which has been restored and its ancient gardens replanted. It is bathed in the perfumes of fragrant flowers outside and of essences distilled from ancient recipes within. All this deeply moved the composer on his visit and inspired the music.
      Danse Galante: Noblemen and their ladies dance in the courtyard on a summer evening.
      Jardin d'Autrefois: Garden from another time - a place of contemplation and lovers' trysts.
      Parfum d'Antan: Scent of yesteryear - something lingers in the air evoking memories of past lives and loves.
      Lancelot du Lac: Lancelot of the Lake returns in spirit, inspired by the rebirth of his ancient home. Paul Lewis

      First performed by the dedicatees, Susanna Candlin, violin, and John Mills, guitar, at the Mediaeval Hall, Salisbury, on October 15th, 1994. Guitar fingering by John Mills.

      Duration 12 minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Chamerolles (Vln+Gtr or Fl+Gtr) (Ensemble - Mixed)

      Catalogue Number: GM257      9790222309852      

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