1. Peter Thorogood
      HARLEQUIN SUITE for piano
      Goodmusic GM244

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      A sequence of six short movements composed for Peter Thorogood's own scenario, Harlequin at the Fair.
      Overture: Pantaloon is chasing Columbine in the hope of a kiss but the ugly Brighella spoils his fun with a comical prancing-hopping dance which makes everybody laugh.
      Pastoral Waltz: Pierrot is searching for Pierrette. They dance soulfully, moving in every direction but towards each other. Pierrot, inconsolable, drifts away.
      Aquarelle: The impish Water Sprite emerges from the magic waterfall and immediately gets up to his roguish tricks by teasing Pierrette, who is saved by Columbine from falling into the pool.
      Valse-Caprice: Harlequin appears, disguised as the handsome Capitano, and beguiles Columbine into dancing with him. In the end, she unmasks him and escapes his clutches.
      Passepied: Denied the attentions of Columbine, the cruel Polichinelle (Punch) pursues her mistress, the matronly Pandolfina. He tries to impress her by pretending to be a soldier but she gives him a box of the ears and everyone slips quietly away.
      Polka: The vigorous Harlequin dances a quasi-polka to show off his physical prowess. He chases off the wicked Sprite, grabs hold of Columbine and they disappear into the magic cave together.

      Duration 12 minutes

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      Peter Thorogood - Harlequin Suite (Piano - Solo)

      Catalogue Number: GM244      9790222308169      

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