1. David Jennings
      PRELUDE AND FUGUE Op.6 for solo piano
      Goodmusic GM106

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      This is strikingly different in style to all my other piano music to date. Employing twelve-note procedures throughout, it is to some degree a response to newer musical influences encountered at university. The Prelude was composed in 1992 and was originally intended to stand on its own. In 1999 I decided to add a Fugue, having been impressed by Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in A minor from Book 2 of his "48 Preludes and Fugues". Unfortunately, however, I had to put the work to one side in order to concentrate on other projects. The Fugue remained unfinished until 2010, when, having found it amongst my papers, I finally added the last two pages!
      The Prelude explores the sonority of the instrument, especially with regard to the sustaining pedal. This movement combines twelve-note procedures with jazz-inflected harmony and juxtaposes lyrical ideas with more aggressive ones. The Fugue has a tense, slightly ironic feel about it and ends with a strongly assertive stretto section (where the fugal entries overlap). The work is dedicated to the composer Gary Higginson, a pupil of Edmund Rubbra.
      Duration about 5½ minutes - 12 pages - Difficulty: Recital level
      A recording of David Jennings' piano music is available on Divine Art CD DDA25110

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      David Jennings - Prelude and Fugue Op.6 (Piano - Solo)

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