1. Paul Lewis
      A FLIRTATION OF FLUTES for flute quartet
      Roberton 95544

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      A Flirtation of Flutes (scored for three flutes plus alto flute) is a jazzy, fun work written as an antidote to all that beautiful, florid and impressionistic French flute music that I love! Flirtation has always been one of my favourite pastimes, so the piece is possibly, even probably, autobiographical.
      "First Meeting" is playful and provocative, while "Getting Sentimental" is inspired by numerous pop ballads from my teenage years, the late 1950s and early 1960s. "That Old Infernal Triangle" is, of course, three-in-a-bar and depicts the muddle of moods likely to be experienced by those trapped within. If getting sentimental and that old infernal (eternal) triangle are the sometime consequences of a flirtatious first meeting, then moving on is often the only solution, so the final movement, "Moving On", although outwardly bright, has overtones of wistful melancholy.
      This then is music with a moral: Beware! Flirtation can be dangerous - it may not always be as innocent as it seems! Paul Lewis
      Score and set of parts included.
      Duration c.10½ minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Flirtation of Flutes quartet (Flute ensemble)

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