1. Tom Cunningham
      FIVE AUDEN SONGS for voice and piano
      Goodmusic GM126

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      Five of W.H.Auden's poems on the theme of "love" set to music by Tom Cunningham for voice and piano. Due to the nature of Auden's texts, these settings are more suited to an adult performer and audience.
      The five titles are: The Willow-Wren and the Stare (Range:C-F#, 4½ minutes); Make this night loveable (Nocturne II) (Range:D-F#, 2½ minutes); Dear, though the night is gone (Range: D-F, 2 minutes); If I could tell you (but I can't) (Range: Db-F, 2½ minutes); The Love Feast (Range: C-Eb, 1½ minutes).
      28 pages - Duration 13 minutes in total
      These can be performed as a set or individually.
      Also available for upper voice choir and piano - see Roberton 03124.

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      Tom Cunningham - Five Auden Songs (Voice solo (with accompaniment))

      Catalogue Number: GM126      9790222289192      

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