1. Paul Lewis
      FAMILY ALBUM for piano solo
      Goodmusic GM202

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      Three light and tuneful pieces for solo piano - around grade 4 standard.

      For Nina Marie; For Rowena; For Mike - Three musical gifts to my granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law.
      For Nina Marie was my instinctive reaction on first receiving photos of my baby granddaughter. The melody liltingly repeats the rhythm of her name.
      For Rowena was composed following a re-union with my daughter after a lengthy separation, and expresses my feelings of love and contentment on that occasion. The final three notes suggest her name.
      For Mike. To complete the family album I wrote this piece for my son-in-law who is of Indian extraction. The music accordingly attempts to suggest an exotic Indian scale and the rhythmic bass drone of my favourite Indian instrument, the sitar, alternating with sections of syncopated western harmony as befits one born and brought up in London! Paul Lewis
      Duration 9½ minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Family Album (Piano - Solo)

      Catalogue Number: GM202      9790222304192      

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