1. Paul Lewis
      ETUDES AMICALES for violoncello and guitar
      Goodmusic GM258

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      A Paris & Tango Erotique - The two Etudes Amicales, or "Friendly Studies", were written for two pairs of friends and are spontaneous gestures of appreciation for their musicianship and friendship. A Paris was composed in 1991 as a musical thank-you for a happy day in Paris with the dedicatees, guitarist Erik Marchelie and his friend and colleague, the cellist Lucille Fauquet. In the style of a Parisian cafe-valse, it uses the first three notes of my Concerto Francais for guitar, cello and orchestra, a rehearsal of which had been the reason for my visit to Paris the previous day. Having performed A Paris several times, another pair of friends, guitarist Paul Gregory and cellist Rachel Firmager, suggested that the friendly study itself should have a friend in the form of a companion piece, so in 2003, inspired by their intensely romantic performance style, I composed the Argentinian-sounding Tango Erotique. Paul Lewis

      Duration 7½ minutes

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      Paul Lewis - Etudes Amicales (cello+guitar) (Ensemble - Mixed)

      Catalogue Number: GM258      9790222309869      

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