1. John Jeffreys
      BOOK OF SONGS for voice and piano
      Roberton Publications 1530

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      Forty songs for tenor and baritone
      Ambulance train (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); And would you see my mistress' face (Philip Rosseter); The appeal (Thomas Wyatt); Curlew calling (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); From Omiecourt (Ivor Gurney); Full fathom five (William Shakespeare); The hag (Robert Herrick); The high hills (Ivor Gurney); Horror follows horror (Ivor Gurney); I was young and foolish (W. B. Yeats); If it chance your eye offend you (A. E. Housman); In youth is pleasure (Robert Wever); It is winter (Walter de la Mare); It was a lover and his lass (William Shakespeare); Jillian of Berry (Anon); A lyke-wake dirge (Anon); The milkmaid (Thomas Nabbes); My little pretty one (Anon); O mistress mine (William Shakespeare); Omens (James H. Cousins); Otterburn (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); Passing by (Anon); Requiem (Ivor Gurney); Romance (Robert Louis Stevenson); Severn meadows (Ivor Gurney); Sigh no more, ladies (William Shakespeare); Sleep (John Fletcher); Snow (Edward Thomas); The songs I had (Ivor Gurney); Stow-on-the-Wold (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); Take, O take those lips away (William Shakespeare); There is a lady sweet and kind (Anon); Thirteen pence a day (A. E. Housman); This night (Padraic Pearse); 'Tis time, I think (A. E. Housman); Under the blossom (William Shakespeare); What evil coil of fate (Ivor Gurney); When daisies pied (William Shakespeare); When that I was and a little tiny boy (William Shakespeare); Who is at my window? (Anon)

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      John Jeffreys - Book of Songs (Voice solo (with accompaniment))

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