1. SHORT, Michael (1937- )
      APOLLO CONCERTO No.3 for clarinet
      Concert Originals Series GMCO009

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      Solo Clarinet, Strings (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass)

      The first movement is a lively dance making use of ever-changing Bulgarian rhythms, while the second has something of the melancholy character of a jazz blues. The finale returns to the lively mood of the first movement, and after a clarinet cadenza recalling previous motifs, a brief coda brings the concerto to a close. A clarinet and piano reduction is also available for this concerto (catalogue number GM012).
      Duration: 17 minutes
      A PACK comprises one full score, string parts 4/4/3/4/2 and any wind, brass and percussion parts.

      The Apollo Ensemble of Bath was formed by Eric Roseberry in 1989, and it's first concert included Michael Short's Serenade for strings. The composer continues: Also on the programme was a classical horn concerto, which made me realise that there is a need for more modern works of this type: light, elegant and accessible, playable by competent musicians and enjoyable for players and listeners alike. I therefore decided to make my contribution by composing six concertos for solo wind instruments and string orchestra. Each concerto would last for around fifteen minutes and be rehearsable within the two sessions the orchestra normally devotes to preparation of a concert, with the soloist being drawn from within the orchestra.

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      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Pack (String Orchestra)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009      9790222222359      Level F

      Price: £32.00


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Score (Orchestral Score)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-00      9790222222366      

      Price: £8.00


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Vln 1 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-01      9790222222380      

      Price: £2.25


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Vln 2 (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-02      9790222222397      

      Price: £2.25


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Viola (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-03      9790222222403      

      Price: £2.25


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Cello (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-04      9790222222410      

      Price: £2.25


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Bass (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-05      9790222222427      

      Price: £2.25


      Michael Short - Apollo Concerto 3 (clarinet) Clar (Orchestral Part)

      Catalogue Number: GMCO009-06      9790222222373      

      Price: £2.25

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